Why use Merkle Root?


Our agents never hold any keys that control customer assets.


Funds are held on a block chain and can be accessed any time.


Merkle Root trusts have no counterparty risk, and no asset dilution is possible.

Non-Custodial Trust Management


Merkle root trust services focus on long term wealth management using public coin.  Multiparty signature addressing allows for the creation of cryptographic trusts.  These new asset classes allow for trust management without the counterparty risk.  The public nature of the assets also guarantees that there is no dilution of assets or fractional reserve accounting.


The benefactors are the creators of the trust.  The trustees are the key holders.  The managers coordinate the activities of the trust, instructing the trustees on prooper procedures and maintaining proper communication pathways between trustees for key rotation, fund dispersment (spending) for beneficiaries , and new trustee designation.  In this system the mangers do not hold the keys and so are not custodians of the funds.  


Management without counterparty risk