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Non-custodial Cryptographic Trust Management


Multisignature Trust Management Team

Long term wealth management requires vehicles that can outlive a single person and ensure that errors or misfortunes of a single person will not affect the holdings of the trust.  The advent of sound public currency is changing the world of finance in many ways, but does not change this basic concern.  

We are a group of public currency early adopters, financial advisers, and security professionals who wish to enable a simpler and more robust long term wealth management solution for cryptocurrencies.  Our base of international trust management agents is growing as is our customer base.  

We began using multisignature trusts on the bitcoin network in 2012 when this became available via the P2SH transaction type.  Vermont Secure Computing Consultancy has also used this technology for other purposes such as escrow systems and data storage as well.  Our procedures for trust management have evolved into the Merkle Root system.