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merkleroot cryptographic trusts

The cryptographic trusts we build and maintain can form a basis structure of wealth management for any legal entity.  

Cryptographic Trust

This refers to a collection of cryptogrphic assets held in a redundant manner by a group of trustees.    

M of N 

This refers to the number of trustees that need to provide signatures before fund movement can be broadcast.  N is the total number of trustees while M is the minimum required signatures to move funds.  M must be less than N to provide redundancy and security in the event of private key loss or theft.  


This term refers to any entities that provide funds for the trust vehicle.  


This term refers to those individuals who safeguard the wealth by means of holding private keys that allow the funds to be moved.  


This refers to any individuals or organizations chosen by the trustees to receive funds from the trust. 


This refers to those individuals who communicate with the trustees to organize and administer trust activities.  

Private Key Creation  

Private keys must be created by the trustees in a way that guarantees they are unique and not accessible to any other individuals, neither other trustees nor managers nor benefactors nor beneficiaries.

Public Key Sharing 

The public keys corresponding the private keys must be shared and made available to the other trustees and managers for the purpose of creating the proper transactions and addresses.  

Blockchain Explorer 

The multisignature addressess that control the funds are viewable with a blockchain explorer, making the activities of the trust transparent to all participants who know the address.

Transaction Verification and Signing 

Trustees are required to verify any proposed transaction, to ensure that any movement of funds is according to their wishes.  If a transaction is deemed appropriate the trustee provides a cryptographic signature.  If enough trustees provide their signatures, the transaction can be broadcast.  


Funds spent from a cryptographic trust are referred to with this term.  


Sample letters to potential trustees

Sample transaction requests 

Sample upkeep procedures