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merkleroot  Trust Management Services


Our services are priced according to three tiers:  

1)  Free Tier

If a benefactor wishes to create a cryptographic trust they can either manage the trust themselves or find their own manager for the assignment.  Our documents will help a new trust to have the proper security and organization in place, and they are freely available.   

2)  Management Tier  (remote)  (Ƀ)

A reasonably savvy group of trustees and benefactor can create a cryptographic trust with the help of a remote agent to coordinate the actions.  Coordination of regular maintenance can be burdensome and the help of a professional in this area is recommended.  Costs for remote agent coordination are minimal.  

3)  Management and Personal Service Tier (local) (ɃɃ)

For those clients who wish direct help in obtaining the proper hardware and demonstration on the necessary procedures, an agent will come to you for assistance.  Financial and security advise as well as planning and organization are provided as needed.  These services are more expensive but still far cheaper than the rates charged by traditional trust custodians.